Survey on Moroccan Admission Tests Cancelling

The government declared its intentions in canceling Moroccan graduate schools admission tests, and getting the access to these schools solely based on the Regional and National Baccalaureate exams.

This survey aims to inform about public opinion regarding this topic.

Help us gather data on public opinion. Anything will be helpful.

Share this survey with your friends and surroudings.

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OMG You’re a Freak!

Note that this topic is inspired from my location, Morocco. Even if I seem to generalize, always interpret my “All the time; everyone; every;” as “Most of the time; most people; most of-“, Morocco especially.

OMG you’re a freak!

How much times have I heard this sentence. Freak/nerd/9rraya, anything really. The problem is that, I’m not even one. Though I would really really want it.

Labels are not new to the world, but over the past few years, I found this study nerdiness to become a sort of insult. When you’re called a freak, you immediately get on the defensive.

What? Me? No way!

It’s automatic. You do it. I do it. Everybody does.

The concept has been distorted to the point of holding a negative meaning. Studying, being serious about your classes, worrying about grades is ridiculous. Not caring, chilling all day long until the night before exams is the cool, trendy, way to go.

Now, in a world where appearances count more than the core of the things, even this approach looks flat wrong. What people don’t realize, is that not caring and getting bad grades is the easy way out. It’s not impressive. It’s too easy. Everybody can do it. And it’s just doing like everyone else.
What takes real guts, is to go and grab that chemistry textbook when you’d rather watch [insert your fav Tv show]. That, is hard. That, is impressive.

Of course, one shouldn’t go beyond balance, and go as far as harming one’s health. But usually, people who are told they “exaggerate” are not even there. Far from that.
I, for example, have always been juggling between 14’s and 15’s out of 20. Yeah that’s super average. Yet, the numbers of times I’ve been told that I’m dramatic about marks are countless.

This paradox doesn’t even stop here. It even pushes people to actually lie, before even realizing it. They hear someone adressing them with an ironic tone “Have you seriously done the reading assignment? Really?” Chances are that their answers will go around “What? Are you mad? As if I had nothing to do.” even when they did what they’ve been asked about. Why? What’s so wrong about doing your homework? What’s so wrong about wanting to succeed? Or about wanting to be among the best?

I reacted myself this way numerous time. But a more logical answer would be an “Yeah, why?” kind. If your interlocutor doesn’t like the idea of you doing what you’re supposed to, maybe it’s not that bad if s/he considers you a weirdo after all.

Is Psychology for Me? Interview with a Specialist.

Today’s post is about a quite radical decision that has been playing with my mood since a while. And when I say a while, I refer to about since mid-last year. I’m currently a high school senior and I should think about what’s next quickly so to start applying for schools.

I’ve changed my mind a good hundred times since my early years about what I want to be. Either because of taste changes, reality different than expectations or broken dreams (I clearly remember my mom’s reaction when I said “Je veux être une staaar” /I want to be a star/).

But, I’ve finally set up my mind about what I’m planning to do, at least next year. And without adding more suspense, here’s what I’ve decided (Even if I know you’ve already guessed, but see, everyone is not as smart as you.):


It’s something that have always fascinated me but I didn’t know if that was what I really want to do.

So without adding further useless details, I’ll let you read a kind of interview I had with a psychologist last summer about the job (Note that this person studied in France, and lives in Morocco. Moreover, there may be differences depending on your location):

Q: Why this job exactly?

A: You come to a stage where you ask yourself questions. A lot of questions for which you don’t find answers. You get through conditions and you don’t find anyone to turn to. So I wanted to be that very person. I choosed this job to help the others. By helping others, you help yourself.

Q: How many years does it take?

A: A Bac+5, then you may continue to a major (specialization) if you want to. But you must have you Bac+5. You can actually pass without a Master but here I’ll ask you: Do you want a diploma or a job?

Q: What kind of training do you follow? I’ve heard that you can get to it either by medicine or a formation.

A: Absolutely not, this is not true. This is psychiatry, not psychology. You don’t go through medicine, psychology has its own faculty. The first year is a kind of common core. You study Maths (statistics), Genetics (Brain, neurons etc.). Then you choose your branch: Clinical psychopathological, Social, Genetic etc.

Q: What are the best schools?

A: I’ve personally studied in France, in the famous  “Université Lumière Lyon” and it was a blast! (laughs) The University of Grenoble is good too.

Q: What do you think about being a psychologist in Morocco?

A: There’s a need. A huge need.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the job?

A: Well, regarding the pros, you help people. You feel that you are useful. You see your patients get better and better, you save a couple from divorce, you save someone’s life!

Some people say that psychology is long away from Islam. Not at all! Psychology brought me closer to my religion. When I see all these mechanisms, all those defense reactions, I just realize how perfect is God’s work.

Concerning cons, it’s a huge responsibility. You don’t only treat a single person. If you ever mess up with someone, it’s not only this person’s life who’s wrecked. Behind her, there’s a family, relatives, close people. That’s why I insist on the question “Job or Diploma”. It’s not something that can be taken lightly.

In the other hand, it’s tiring. You spend the whole day with your patients, et when they are with you, you should not think about anything except them, you have to note everything in your mind, interpret, make the link with prior sessions…It’s very tiring.

Morally and physically too. When you go back home, you don’t feel like talking to anyone. Anyone. It’s hard, but I hear you telling me that no job is easy. I remember in my first days, I used to push my nails hard on my palms so not to burst into tears in front of my patients when hearing all those problems. (laughs)

Q: Where is it better to work? An office? A hospital?

A: Umm well.. When I was in Tunis, I used to work in a hospital and it was awe-some. I loved working there. But after coming to Morocco, it wasn’t possible anymore. I was seeking to find a job in a hospital but there was nothing. So an office is more conceiveable here. However, you can also work in a center as a consultant. It’s good too. But the top, is to found you center. I’d have liked to do it, but I couldn’t for lack of resources, unfortunately.

Q: It’s unfortunate to have the potential but not the resources.

A: Exactly.. Exactly.

Q: Okay, so for a last question, what are the specifications and characteristics that should have a psychologist?

A: The ability to listen, the ability to endure, the ability to stand back; but the base is honesty. And with time, you’ll understand a lot of things, you’ll intercept your close ones lies, you’ll see things that you won’t like, but you won’t be able to do anything about it. It can also affect your marital life. They say that you should never do psychology with your own family.

So um I hope you’ve liked it guys (You must) and if you want me to do the same with any job/career you consider, or any other thing (like giving me money just because) contact me on

Hey there!



Okay so hi everybody.

I’m glad you stumbled upon this blog. Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Let me start; I’m a Moroccan 18 yo. girl who never (like never) finished watching a Tv show completely (or nah I did with Killer Instinct, but there’s like, one season in the whole serie). I also can’t get rid of the habit of talking alone out loud when there’s nobody around, and sometimes even forget if I was indeed talking aloud or just thinking (irrecoverable daydreamer symptome btw, I bet you’re one).

But well, we’ll talk about all my awesomeness another day. Let’s get straight to the point rather.

So why did you create this blog? I hear you saying. Well because I want to be famous to fill it with some stuff that you may find useful may it be:

  • Random vital piece of information I’ve looked up on Google and didn’t find satisfaction with the ridiculous articles that seem to be competing on who will repeat itself the most, with completely useful tips in your situation. Take study tips for instance. Who never panicked about not having revised enough for an exam and went desperately looking for some solution ONLY to read this one sentence over and over again:

    You should not let till the last day before your exam to start revising. Start from day 1.

    I know that dammit but what if I DIDN’T huh?? I suicide maybe? If you never found yourself in this situation get off my blog now monster.

  • How to make money on the side without letting work take advantage on your studies.
  • How to survive studying/living on your own in a foreign country.
  • Articles that’ll let you learn more about diverse topics (healthy nutrition, politics
  • Thoughts I find myself wasting spending time on that may be interesting for you.
  • What to gift me for being such an awesome specie.

So yeah I think that’s all for the moment.

Now your turn! Tell me about yourself and what’s your blog about. (If you don’t have any, go create one, and come back).

Kisses. Not.